Skeek's Story
I've had cats as a kid and as an adult but I have never been as fascinated, entertained, astounded or attached to any of them as I have been to Skeek. It was 1990 when we decided to get our Siamese cat "Barney" (aka Boogens), a playmate.

We went to the Humane Society and saw a litter of all black kittens in a cage. In the center of the pile of cats was a light colored kitten that had the destinctive black tail and black ears of the Siamese breed. We asked the volunteer if we could to see that one. She handed me the cat and it was then that we got our first look at its face. It was the strangest looking kitten we had ever seen. It was mostly white, like all newborn siamese kittens are, but it had a dark patch over each eye and a dark spot that perfectly matched the outline of its nose.

My first thought was, "this cat is way too weird looking". When picked up, it immediately nuzzled its nose into my beard. The Humane Society woman looked at an index card at told us that it was a female, siamese/cross. This cat was so

darn affectionate that we decided to take her in spite of her mildly repulsive look. We paid our $35, took her home, and decided to call her "Lucy". A few weeks later, we brought her to the Vet clinic to get spayed. The Vet told us that Lucy was a boy. We renamed him "Skeek" after the teeny, tiny, little squeak he made and still makes to this day.

"There's nothing quite so special as the love between a cat and his boy." ... Charles Bronson

The thing that I think sets Skeek apart from the other cats we've had, is his intelligence. He seems to need lots of toys and stimulation. Somedays, we can tell he's been bored. We'll come home to a house where cupboard doors and drawers are left ajar. He first started to open and crawl into the drawer where we kept his cat toys. Then he started opening my desk drawer to play with the rubber bands.

It's very easy to tell when he's hungry. You always know that his dish is empty when you hear him slamming the cupboard door where we keep his food.

Epilogue: Due to unfortunate circumstances caused by divorce, I lost 'custody' of my most beloved cat, Skeek about 2002. In 2007, I learned of his death. He had feline kidney disease for many years and thanks to a special diet, he was able to live much longer than the Vet had predicted. RIP Skeek. -- S.C.

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