Acoustic Guitar "Looping"

For me, looping is recording yourself live "on the fly" and playing along with the resulting loop of recorded material. You can add more parts to the loop at any time. For more information on looping:
Website devoted to looping of all types and styles: Loopers Delight
Article by Peter Berryman titled: Looping In Public

My present and simplest acoustic guitar "looping" setup: a Boomerang and a volume pedal.

Here are links to some YouTube videos where I loop with the Boomerang:

How High The Moon (3:49)

The Mirage (4:22)

Zil (3:55)

Allemande (3:03)

A Swell Ride (3:38)
The videos were recorded live. The audio was recorded on a digital workstation. The video was shot using multiple cameras against a chromakey screen.

Below: Some diagrams of former performance setups that I've used.

Acoustic Guitar Looping Set-up.

Acoustic & Digital Guitar Looping Set-up.

Two studio photos:

Analog Recording - 1992

Digital Recording - 2000

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