Words from some players...

"My Cloutier guitar is the best guitar I've ever played. For years I was searching for an instrument so responsive to dynamics with pure clarity of tone. The wider neck allows me to play cleaner than I was ever able to before. Clumsy pops and fingernail buzzes are diminished greatly with this instrument. My Cloutier guitar was built for fingerstyle technique, but I even love flat picking on it. I also love the little mother of pearl tree frog on the head-stock. This is the guitar of my dreams, one that sounds and feels right."

Pete Bloedel, performs solo and with "The Divers":

"I've played guitar for more than 40 years and have owned at least 25 in that time. The Cloutier [inset] is my favorite. It sounds good on all the kinds of fingerstyle music. I play Piedmont, Travis/Atkins style, Celtic, slack key, swing. I would call its sound clear, well-articulated, round, sweet at the top and a bit dark at the bottom, with lots of sustain. When other people play it, they often remark on how they can feel it vibrate against their bellies. It's easy to play and extremely responsive. While it was designed for fingerpicking, I also use it when I play rhythm in a swing trio (just my fingers, no picks), and it sounds great either acoustic or amplified (via a Baggs Dual Source). I've never owned a more versatile guitar."

Russell Letson, Freelance Writer, for Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, and Acoustic Musician among others.

My good friend Ron Miles owns Cloutier guitar number 39. It's a rosewood hybrid parlor made in 1994. Ron lives in a log cabin in northern Minnesota where he worked for the Department of Natural Resources.

Beside being a long time song writer, performer, and photographer, Ron is the founding member of the very popular Grassroots Concerts series where people like Bryan Bowers (below) and some of the finest acoustic musicians in the United States clamber to perform.

Ron good-naturedly allowed me to use his image for a parody appearing elsewhere on this site.

This is Bryan Bowers, autoharp master, playing Ron's guitar after performing at a Grassroots Concert in Nisswa, MN.



"I was lucky to find a used 1993 Cloutier guitar in pristine condition. I am a part time guitar collector. This is one of the few guitars in my possession that I will never sell even though I've had plenty of offers."

Willa Dios, Photographer & Guitar Enthusiast

Own a Cloutier guitar? Send me a photo of you playing it and I'll put it on this page!

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