The Movie "HEAT" on DVD
"Heat" is the love story of two humane society-adopted house cats, Lily and Newman, told in the style of a silent movie with humor and affection. The music of Leroy Shield (of Little Rascals fame) brings this heartwarming tale to life.

About HEAT:
"Heat" came together in the fall and winter of 2005. In the process of making a couple of music video shorts, I discovered my love of film editing. The simple desire to tell a story was the motive behind "Heat". Having no sets or human actors, I chose to employ my newly-adopted cats as my actors in telling a basic boy-gets-girl tale. "Heat" was the result.

The film is dedicated to the memory of Leroy Shield, to whom the movie is indebted for providing its sentiment.

Watch HEAT! (approx. 15 minutes)

The Heat Trailer (60 sec.)
The DVD╣s Extra Features include:

- Theatrical Trailer - Running time: 53 seconds
- Director╣s Commentary - with behind-the-scenes information about the "actors"
- A Music Video
- Deleted Scenes
- For Cats Only - a fifteen minute documentary featuring squirrels and birds.

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