"Two Paws Up, Way Up!"
 Some comments from Heat viewers:
"A 10+! Extremely well done, endearing, and heart-tugging. I laughed out loud many times and cried twice... This is a most professional job. The "acting" was touching. The expressions on the animals' faces are just priceless. I really enjoyed the comments in the director's commentary as well. I know LOTS of people who will love this video ... it is simply priceless."

Vicky Halls, acclaimed UK Pet Behaviour Counsellor and author, has offered the DVD HEAT as a drawing prize to her readers. She writes:

"This month we have two great prizes for you. Firstly the brilliant DVD ³Heat² ³Heat² by Steve Cloutier tells of the love between two house cats, Lily and Newman. The story, created in the style of a silent film is full of tender moments and poignant humour.

Steve is a film maker and professional musician from Minnesota, USA and the two stars of HEAT are Steveıs own cats, Lily and Newman

This stunning DVD not only features the HEAT film but also has extras such as the great music, a section on how the film was made plus a section 'For Cats Only' featuring birds, squirrels etc that your cat might like to watch when itıs got some time on itıs paws..."

"We received the disc with your film debut Wednesday and popped it in right away. What a riot!! [My husband] was just roaring. You did a great job of conveying that old movie feel and holding our interest. I can't imagine the time it took to put together. I really liked the music video too, it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much for the DVD!"

"... the feel-good movie of the year."

"I have previewed the video and give it a 10. I don't believe I have EVER given a movie a 10 in my life. Very creative, and both the cats are absolutely beautiful ... I look forward to watching it again."

"...I loved the cat movie! How could any cat lover not love a cat-love movie? I liked the old-fashioned "silent movie" style. I think Newman especially has star quality and will no doubt attract a kitty fan club after this stellar acting debut. My new calico housemate [and] I are looking forward to sharing ["Heat"] with visitors."

"HEAT is a HIT! The pick of the litter! Brilliantly directed (not an easy task with celebrity kitties), and Leroy Shield's music perfectly underscores the feline antics." -- Irwin Chusid, WFMU radio host, author, record producer

"We watched "Heat" ... and LOVED it. Cute, funny, tender."

"... you sweet hearted cat lover you!!! what a cool movie!"

"... You are a highly disturbed individual, but a highly talented one... very very funny!"

"... it is indeed a mini-masterpiece."

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