CDs & DVDs by Steve Cloutier

What I Did During Summer Vacation - DVD
A Collection of Short Films by Steve Cloutier
This DVD contains 6 short films and 9 music videos.

Short films: Bee Holiday, My Rats, Dead Artists Speak, The Chimney, I Can't Remember You & The Heat Trailer.

Music videos: A Better World, Zil, The Mirage, How High the Moon, The Mirage, Ain't Misbehavin', A Swell Ride, Allemande, Bye Bye Blues, & Kilmacduagh.

Also included, for a limited time only, a second DVD: the critically acclaimed movie short HEAT!

What I Did During Summer Vacation - DVD $25.99 + shipping

Curious House - CD

Sixteen original songs - 61 minutes. A lushly arranged mix of tunes using only 3 guitars: an acoustic, a digital, and an electric. 7 vocals, 9 instrumentals. More about Curious House

Tracks include:
- Kilmacduagh
- Japanese Garden
- Any Way The Wind Blows
- The Long Goodbye
- On the Wings of a Song
Zil (video version)
- Dead End
- A Girl and Her Cats
- Minnesota
- Shush
- Flying
- Overcast
- Ground Zero
- Words Can't Say
- Me & You
- Kilmacduagh (reprise)
Curious House CD $14.99 + shipping

Tin Cup - CD

Originally recorded and released on cassette in 1992. Now remastered and available on CD. Seven & one half of the 12 songs are original compositions. Vocals and instrumentals featuring electric guitar, mandolin and bass on this collection. Tracks include:

- Midnight Samba
- Until The Real Thing Comes Along
- Nine Years Waltz
- Old Houses

- Marie
- Winter Fields
- Shortnin' Bread
- Nola
- Tin Cup Full of Rain
- The Speakeasy
- Randy's Rag
- Unrequited
Tin Cup CD $11.99 + shipping

Poems of the Hobo Road (CD) by Buzz Potter
with music by Steve Cloutier - more info.
- Lonely Deadhead Boxcar
- The Crunch of the Shack
- Lord Open Road
- Little East Texas Red
- Softly By Tracks
- The Hobo of Chelan
- The Hobo and the Loser
- Places Far
- The Hidden Hobo Side
- Gila Monster Route
- The Trip West
- Hobo Cemetary
Hobo Road CD $14.99 + shipping
Fresh out, but I may be able to direct you to someone who has them.

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