Curious House
by Steve Cloutier

Sixteen original songs - 61 minutes. 7 vocals/ 9 instrumentals. A lushly arranged mix of tunes using only 3 guitars: an acoustic, a digital guitar, and an electric guitar.

The one-hour CD contains 16 Cloutier originals that run the gamut of style and texture. Seven of the songs are vocals and nine are instrumentals that blend elements of jazz, folk, pop, classical and new age music.

This particular collection was recorded using only three guitars -- an acoustic, a digital and an electric. With a digital guitar, you can synthesize a large variety of sounds. Many of the sounds chosen to use on this CD are reminiscent of traditional acoustic instruments such as: flute, piano, bass, strings, trumpet, sax, banjo, and accordion with the acoustic guitar and voice serving as the focal point.

At times, Curious House sounds more like a whole orchestra of musicians rather than one guy with a guitar, recording one part at a time. The only other instrument used here is Mike Hildebrandt's violin in the song "Shush".

Curious House
- Kilmacduagh
- Japanese Garden€
- Any Way The Wind Blows
- The Long Goodbye
- On the Wings of a Song
Zil (Video)
- Dead End
- A Girl and Her Cats
- Minnesota
- Shush
- Flying
- Overcast
- Ground Zero
- Words Can't Say
- Me & You
- Kilmacduagh (reprise)
Curious House CD $14.99 + shipping

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