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Antique Photo Restorations

Over the years treasured photos can become damaged by fading, tears, stains, scratches, folds and humidity. I have restored many precious keepsake photos that the owners had given up as lost causes. Often, much detail can be brought back to very faded photos.


click a pic for the enlargement

Getting Started

First I need a scan of your photo(s). You can either: 1) do it yourself 2) have your local Walgreens, photo-copy store or printing company do it or 3) if you are in the proximity of Faribault, MN, I can scan it while you wait. The important thing is that the photo is scanned at 300 dpi or a higher resolution.

Send it to me by email attachment or on a CD by snail mail.

I will return an estimate within 3 working days.

I can return your repaired photo by email or on a CD. I can also print your photos on high quality photo paper. I recommend the standard sizes of 4"x6", 6"x8" or 8"x10" for ease of framing.

Call (507) 339-0744 or email with questions before sending large files.

Some comments:

"That picture was such a mess. I can't imagine how you did it. I bet it was difficult! Both of those nice pictures were in such sad shape. Thank you so much-- amazing!"

"Okay, that is unbelievable-- Excellent work. It is perfect-- wow! Thank you, Thank you!"

"Oh my gosh I didn't think it could be done and you did it-- Wow I am so impressed."

Computer Froggy
(507) 339-0744

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